About E Cigs UK

How we started

Contrary to many companies Hard Candy had a strict zero nicotine policy. Hard Candy pushed traditional beliefs to the limit and made cloud chasing (aka vaping) socially acceptable. Being nicotine free our products are not for smoking concession; they look good and taste great, but these are the only things that will get you hooked on Hard Candy products.

Hard Candy entered the electronic vaping market with cocktail flavours and disposable vaping products in 2013. As a young minded; fresh faced, fashionable electronic vaping company we successfully launched a comprehensive range of disposable and rechargeable nicotine free electronic vaping products available in our Candy, Cocktail, ICE CREAM and Fruit Ranges.

May 2017 E Cig Laws

As of May 21st 2017 we will no longer be able to sell our fantastic EGO E Cigarette Kit due to the lasted EU regulations. We will sell our Rechargeable E Cigarette Kits up to this date, which is why they are at discounted rates. Stay tuned for our latest range of EU E-Cig Regulation approved products which will arrive soon.

Where we are going

We will be increasing our range to include other brands Nicotine and Zero Nicotine E Liquids along with a full range of E-Cigarette Kits and Mods for those vaping enthusiasts.