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SMOKAH Portable Electronic Hookah Pipe (SALE ONLY £19.99)

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The SMOKAH is a 15” electronic handheld hookah hose. The SMOKAH is a portable hookah. Featuring CHARGES in ten fruit flavours available in packs of four. The SMOKAH will hold 2 CHARGES at any one time. Using a screw thread the SMOKAH is designed for quick changes of flavours and allows the user to mix flavours without mixing liquids or having to finish the Liquid used! The SMOKAH is designed for people to replace a hookah in their home; no coal light up no burns or cleaning required.

The SMOKAH can also be used in clubs and bars at events and even hired out. No tobacco No tar No nicotine No alcohol

Each kit Contains;

1x SMOKAH (battery lasts about 1000 puffs before it needs charging),

2 x SMOKAH blueberry mint CHARGES,

1 AC adapter,

1 manual,

2 x plastic mouth tips

Charge packs (4 x CHARGES 800 puffs each) available in 10 fruit flavours; blueberry mint, strawberry, double apple, strawberry mint, blueberry grape, peach, watermelon, pomegranate, passionfruit and banana.

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